Excursions Beaches, the sea and beautiful spots

When you come to Flensburg it is virtually impossible to miss the sea and not to enjoy it in all its facets. Although the fjord is literally part of Flensburg's city we recommend the beautiful nearby beaches if you wish to jump in and go for a swim. Holnis, Wassersleben, Solitüde, the Wadden Sea at the west coast or the small islands in the fjord called Ochseninseln are only some of the options for a great afternoon at the water and on the beach.

For water lovers and sun worshippers Beautiful beaches in and around Flensburg

In and near Flensburg you will find a variety of beaches. Whether wild beach, dog beach, or beach at the spa promenade with full infrastructure and canopied beach chairs – you will find your favourite spot at the sea. And also for water sports aficionados Flensburg offers various destinations. 

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Secret gems in the fjord The Ochseninseln

The small isles called Ochseninseln (or Okseøerne) are located in the Flensburg Fjord near the Danish coast line. The legend of their creation says that a giant once tried to jump over the fjord. But he did not make it and his muddy boots landed in the water before reaching the coast. And thus the muddy feet created the Ochseninseln. However, we do not know whether there is any truth in the legend.

Nature on the isle invites to go on a walk, explore and discover, go for a swim, and just relax. There are cliffs and wild beaches, small hideaways in the woods and from the edge of the cliffs you have a wonderful view of the complete Flensburg Fjord.

The excursion boats coming from Flensburg make a detour around Ochseninseln on their way to Glücksburg.

Beaches, sandbanks, islands and Halligs North Sea

The North Sea with the Wadden Sea and Nordfriesische Inseln is not far away. Go for a walk along the sheer endless green dikes, have sheep as companions, and be overwhelmed by the view of the islands, small Hallig isles, and sandbanks at the horizon.

Only when the tide is low you can take walk on the mudflats because the will North Sea will be back as the unstoppable tide rises again. Already in 1985 the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer was declared a national park so that the Wadden Sea and its nature can develop without human intervention. In 2009 the Wadden Sea was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, this does not necessarily affect your plans if you wish to go kite surfing: surfers and national park administration have defined special kite surfing spots.

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Relaxation and sports Glücksburg

Glücksburg is also a good idea for a day trip: a relaxed afternoon in a canopied beach chair at the cultivated beach at the spa promenade, a bicycle tour along the coast, a visit to the moated castle Schloss Glücksburg or splish and splash and take a rest in the pools and saunas of Fördeland Therme.

And that's not all! You can go golfing with a view of the sea, learn wind surfing or visit the planetarium, and more. Glücksburg offers a wide varietey of leisure activities.

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